[GSOC]Firebird Integration Weekly Update 04

Andrzej J. R. Hunt andrzej at ahunt.org
Sun Jul 7 13:32:32 PDT 2013


Progress this week:
- Firebird builds on Windows within LO (tested on MSVS 11).
- Dealt with the installation details for fbembed.
	(SDBC driver currently crashes on Windows with the above -- I need to
	reconfigure my VM to have enough space and then recompile with debug to find out
	what's happening, which will take a day or two to complete.)

I've also just started looking at:
- The SDBC driver itself.
- How the HSQLDB driver deals with creating a new odb.

Finally I've been looking at flamerobin which is a firebird administration
tool -- this uses IBPP which is a C++ wrapper for Firebird -- I'm
wondering whether it wouldn't in fact make more sense to use this rather
than the C api. It's about 15 smallish C++ files, i.e. shouldn't be hard
to build but could save quite a bit of time (it's taking some time for me
to get my head around how the C api should be used, IBPP seems somewhat natural).

The plan for this week is to implement the saving/extracting of the firebird db
files into/out of .odb files, and then work on the SDBC driver itself.



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