Can't produce debs in master build

Petr Mladek pmladek at
Mon Jul 8 09:08:54 PDT 2013


I get the build error:

--- cut ---
 dpkg-deb: parse error, in file
'libobasis4.2-base_4.2.0.0.alpha0-1_amd64/DEBIAN/control' near line 8
package 'libobasis4.2-base':
 `Depends' field, reference to `libobasis4.2-core01': version contains `
--- cut ---

when building master with

        --with-package-format=rpm deb

It seems to be related to the commit
which added dependencies to an exact version, e.g.:

--- cut ---
--- cut ---

epm produces the attached control file. It seems that deb does not like
the two versions in
--- cut --- 
Depends: libobasis4.2-core01 (>=, <=
--- cut ----

The build passes when I remove one %PACKAGEVERSION from the epm package

I am not Debian expert and is not
clear about the two versions variant. I wonder if

       (>=, <=

is a valid syntax.

I wonder if we need to fix deb, epm, and just give up and revert the
above mentioned commit.

Any idea, please?

Best Regards,
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Package: libobasis4.2-base
Maintainer: The Document Foundation
Architecture: amd64
Description: Base module for LibreOffice 4.2 .0.0.alpha0
 Copyright: 2012 The Document Foundation
 Base module for LibreOffice 4.2
Depends: libobasis4.2-core01 (>=, <=
Installed-Size: 7088

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