Central configuration management system

Farago Janos farago.janos at andrews.hu
Fri Jul 12 00:28:43 PDT 2013


I would like to implement a central configuration management system for
LibreOffice, both for Windows and Linux, and I would like to contribute
the source code to the LibreOffice project.

The idea is that LibreOffice should take configuration data from Windows
registry and from files under /etc, which settings are under central
control within the enterprise. Settings coming from here should not be
modifiable by users.

I saw examples for configuration backends in the source code under
shell/source/backends, but they have limitations. How is it possible to
write a configuration backend, that is transparent, i.e. all queries are
forwarded to it, not only those that have the oor:external attribute?

I found a presentation about configuration management from 2010[1], but
examples there did not work for me, e.g. I manually edited main.xcd and
set oor:finalized="true" for some settings, but they remained modifiable
by the user. Is this a known bug?

[1] http://www.linux-kongress.org/2010/slides/ooo_netzwerk-effenberger.pdf

Best Regards,
Janos Farago

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