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Siqi Liu me at siqi.fr
Sat Jul 13 08:20:20 PDT 2013

Hello Artur,

No worry about that ^^ I was just thinking of implementing them so that I
can see my pointer actually flying on the big  screen :-P. However, do let
me know the what protocol you will adopt for this functionality and post it
on your wiki page so that I can make the client conform to your design. (x,
y in percentage relative to the width and height of the screen? And we take
the left upper corner as the origin (0,0)? )

Otherwise, here are several functionalities that I'm looking to implement:
1. The pointer feature support
2. Is it possible to send to client some basic informations like the
current presentation filename, author, etc before the users hit "start
presentation"? Since (as Michael Meeks pointed out) it's much harder to
send previews before the beginning of the presentation, this would be a
great alternative solution.

I will leave the protocol improvements to you then, but do send me a
message over IRC or by email should you need someone to work on that with
you. I will keep you updated should I need some further server-end

ATB and happy coding!


2013/7/13 Artur Dryomov <artur.dryomov at gmail.com>

> Hey Siqi,
> Your progress is huge, you are working pretty fast ;-)
> I haven’t worked on the server-side unfortunately. My plan was to
> implement the redesign of the client and then to work on the server. The
> idea was about implementing things with the current version of the protocol
> and only then move forward. That strategy gave me a better understanding of
> how the protocol works actually.
> The work on the client is going not so fast as I expected — most of the
> work is done and I hope to finish it soon, but a lot of time gone for
> debugging and optimizing.
> Protocol-related changes are part of my proposal actually. I have fears
> that if you’ll implement them I can fail the GSoC. Can you spend some more
> time on polishing, posting screenshots to the ux-advise list, QA,
> implementing iPad version, planning the Bonjour support? The design for the
> iOS 7 would be great as well — it is possibly coming this fall ;-) I’ll
> speed up and try to finish the redesign as fast as possible. Sorry for
> slowing things down — I just want to finish the GSoC successfully as much
> as you are ;-)
> What do you think?
> Regards,
> Artur.


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