Building LO on illumos based OS

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Mon Jul 15 01:32:46 PDT 2013

Thanks! I'll check and try to disable this on my build.
Also, it's not about a Solaris general problem, usually Solaris 10/11 have X11 and motif libs correctly
It's my own XStreamOS/illumos dev machine that has new X11 and old Motif libs not happy each other.
For this, I will build and switch to open-motif shortly.
Da: Michael Meeks
A: Gabriele Bulfon
Cc: Michael Stahl
Data: 15 luglio 2013 10.15.18 CEST
Oggetto: Re: Building LO on illumos based OS
On Mon, 2013-07-15 at 09:44 +0200, Gabriele Bulfon wrote:
I was wandering why Motif libraries are needed by these extension. Is
it absolutely necessary?
I'm amazed to hear that we link to motif in the modern world; it seems
to be only this extension:
I'd disable this I guess in we have:
dnl Check for NPAPI interface to plug browser plugins into LibreOffice
I imagine we should just disable that for Solaris [ for now ].
Quite why we think Mozilla requires motif still I'm not sure I'd be
amazed if they still had a hard dep on that.
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