Comment on patch "Remove old outdated gallery images and sounds"

bfoman bfo.bugmail at
Mon Jul 22 12:38:22 PDT 2013

Samuel Mehrbrodt-2 wrote
> 4) You are right, they should not be removed as long as they are 
> accessible. I would suggest to remove the whole "Image bullets" 
> functionality. I don't see any use for them, they look so outdated.
> 5) Do we need sounds? As far as I know they have been accessible in the 
> Slide transition dialog (Impress). But who uses sounds for Slide 
> transitions nowadays?

Why are you so keen to remove features and have another "ruler situation"
described in
"Import and export of graphical bullets of numberings in the DOC, DOCX and
RTF filters" is advertised LO 4.1 feature.
This is yet another thread about removing a feature x from LO codebase
without proper research. If you don't use feature x, then it is your use
case, others may be x-feature fanboys and fangirls.
Best regards.

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