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Regina Henschel rb.henschel at
Mon Jul 22 13:07:32 PDT 2013

Hi Samuel,

Samuel Mehrbrodt schrieb:
> Hi Regina,
> thanks for your comments.
> Concerning 1) and 2): I could not verify that. I just tried inserting an
> image from the Gallery and saved the file, and it was embedded. Can you
> explain how you did that?

(1) Start a new HTML document by File > New > HTML document.
Open Gallery, theme Backgrounds.
Right click a image, you get the items 'Insert' and 'Preview'.
Click 'Insert'. You get the items 'Copy' 'Link' and 'Background'
Click 'Background' and then 'Page'.

It is not possible to embed pictures in HTML (unless you transform to 
base64), therefore they are always linked. This link is not listed in 
Edit > Links, but you will see the source in Format > Page > Background.

(2) Start with a new Writer document, then do the same as in (1). The 
only difference is, that you can break the link in Format > Page > 

> 3) Sure, some might have done that. But I guess they are very few. We
> could then keep the images there forever.

But you need a way to migrate such documents, a HowTo in the release 
notes for example.

> 4) You are right, they should not be removed as long as they are
> accessible. I would suggest to remove the whole "Image bullets"
> functionality. I don't see any use for them, they look so outdated.

Tastes differ.

Gallery bullets are not only used in lists, but also in charts for data 
points. There the pictures are embedded, so old documents do not break. 
But removing the graphics will reduce the ways users can format their 

> 5) Do we need sounds? As far as I know they have been accessible in the
> Slide transition dialog (Impress). But who uses sounds for Slide
> transitions nowadays?

They are available at all places where you can insert something from the 

Presentations are not only used in business, but for private slide shows 
with vacation photos for example.

Or think of exercise in Primary schools. Young pupils surely like those 

> 6) How do you access these images? In which documentation? They are not
> listed in the Gallery afaik.

 From file, as other pictures.

I personally have used it in the Draw Guide. But I mean, when I teach 
pupils using LibreOffice and speak about inserting pictures, I can say 
to my pupils "open that folder" and all pupils will have the same picture.

Do you have sum up, how much KB you would gain by dropping the pictures 
and how much by dropping the sounds?

Perhaps it can be a solution to pack the unwanted gallery themes into an 
extension, so that they can be downloaded and installed on demand. But I 
have never written such extension and can not say whether it is possible 
at all.

Kind regards

> Am 21.07.2013 14:02, schrieb Regina Henschel:
>> Hi all,
>> I have noticed
>> I think, that this should not be done.
>> (1) If you insert a background (www-back) from the Gallery to a
>> Writer/Web document, it is always linked. Removing the source might
>> break old documents.
>> (2) If you insert a background as page background from the Gallery to
>> a Writer document, it is linked as default. Removing the source might
>> break old documents.
>> (3) If you will make a list with graphic bullets, it uses the bullets
>> from the Gallery. Users might have checked the option to link them.
>> Removing the source might break old documents.
>> (4) Currently the predefined list style sets use the bullets from the
>> Gallery. Unless the list styles are changed the bullets in the Gallery
>> should not be removed.
>> (5) Removing sounds make no sense at all. There are no new ones.
>> (6) The pictures "flower" and "apple" should remain, because it is
>> very handy to have common pictures, when you write documentations.
>> Kind regards
>> Regina
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