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Michael Meeks michael.meeks at
Wed Jul 24 12:50:46 PDT 2013

Hi Caolan,

	It seems you're the expert in this area :-) I was wondering whether you
could help look at / review my tentative fix here:

	Pwrt. a back-port to libreoffice-4-1 it makes a MAB disappear and turn
valgrind clean which is encouraging, but - ... I'm not happy with my
understanding here.

	In particular - the difference between the ScreenFontCache and other
font caches is unclear to me, it's also unclear why we need to have
(potentially) a different font cache on each window / frame, and do all
this weirdo recursion there - surely a single, global fontcache would
suffice ?

	Either way - help appreciated; it seems from the referenced bug that we
carefully re-load lists of fonts in:

  void OutputDevice::ImplUpdateFontData( bool bNewFontLists )
                  mpGraphics->GetDevFontList( mpFontList );

	And then (before the re-ordering above) proceed to call
GlyphCache::ClearFontCache and delete them all. When done in the reverse
order life is better, but - then why so many caches ? why is lifecycle
of that so contorted ? ;-) etc. ?

	Thoughts much appreciated for -4-1.



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