LibreOffice can't open any of my ods password files created before LO 4.1

David Tardon dtardon at
Thu Jul 25 23:02:04 PDT 2013


On Thu, Jul 25, 2013 at 06:18:09PM -0700, r_ouellette wrote:
> Starting with 4.1 beta and every further version, I noticed that I can't open
> any of my OpenDocument spreadsheet protected by a password. These files
> where used and saved by LibreOffice < 4.1 (my last version in production is
> 4.0.4).
> Am I alone with this problem?

No, it is "[FILEOPEN]
LO 4.1 beta1: missing prevents encrypted files from
loading". It was reported 2 months ago, but unfortunately was not
triaged correctly, so it was brought to our attention too late for 4.1.
It will be fixed in 4.1.1 (due a month from now).

Btw, why have you waited till now when you have known about the problem
since beta?


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