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Andrew Cassidy andrew at cassidywebservices.co.uk
Mon Jul 29 05:24:43 PDT 2013

Fair enough.

In this instance, there's nothing stopping me setting up a private repo for
this deployment and/or personal use.

I just thought if it were possible it'd be nice to share the love.

On 29 July 2013 13:05, Bjoern Michaelsen <bjoern.michaelsen at canonical.com>wrote:

> Hi,
> On Mon, Jul 29, 2013 at 12:37:34PM +0100, Andrew Cassidy wrote:
> > Obviously I've unnecessarily and unintentionally stirred up a shitstorm
> for
> > which I apologize.
> its alright. ;)
> > It's not specifically Debian, some Debian-based distributions can also
> take
> > their time filtering packages through from debian. For example, LMDE
> hasn't
> > released a new update pack since March and is starting to fall behind.
> If it was trivial for LMDE to just dump the packages somewhere, dont you
> think
> they simply would do it?
> > It was also my understanding that official TDF .debs were compatible with
> > Debian, Ubuntu and derivative distributions. Again, feel free to correct
> me
> > if I'm wrong.
> And they have no dependency resolution whatsoever (as that is not possible
> independant of distros). That they work _mostly_ is because most people
> have
> the dependencies installed, or dont use the cornercases in which they are
> needed. So its pure luck -- and if its fails you get funny bug reports that
> nobody wants or even can properly fix generically for all distros.
> We already have enough issues with people, who are unexperieced enough to
> cleanly uninstall the distro version of LibreOffice and try to install the
> conflicting TDF *.debs and then are in a quagmire they cant get themselves
> out
> of. Encouraging more people to shoot themselves in the foot is the last
> thing
> we need IMHO.
> Best,
> Bjoern

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