Firebird .odb for testing

Andrzej Hunt andrzej at
Mon Jul 29 08:11:55 PDT 2013

Hi Michael, Fridrich, all,

Attached is an empty .odb file which can be used to test the
firebird-sdbc driver. (It doesn't contain an actual .fdb file within it
-- this is created from scratch when needed and is then saved into
the .odb when saving.)

Please note the following:
-The save button doesn't activate when appropriate yet -- you'll have to
use save as explicitly to save the .odb.
-You can't insert data into tables yet (unless you use a manual sql
query, which I guess should probably work).
-You may have issues when transporting a file between computers (once
the .fdb has been created) as we don't deal with the icu issues yet.

I'll probably start working on a selector to select between hsqldb and
firebird for new files today/tomorrow. (I guess we'd want this anyway
for a while in case people need to create new files that they can share
with people using older versions of LO etc.).


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