Embedded DB Selector (was: Re: Firebird .odb for testing)

Andrzej Hunt andrzej at ahunt.org
Tue Jul 30 03:38:16 PDT 2013

Hi everyone,

I've now implemented an embedded db selector -- the patch is in gerrit
( https://gerrit.libreoffice.org/#/c/5199/ ), screenshot attached
(excuse the ugliness -- there are some strange interactions between LO
dialogs and my KDE going on which hide about half the dialog content,
meaning I have to use the generic vcl plugin for now).

It currently defaults to whichever database is set as default in
dsntypes.cxx (for the moment still HSQLDB but I guess we'll change that
to firebird once it's stable).

Would it make sense to eventually store whichever db was last used to
use as the default for the next time? I think it would also be useful to
add more information on the choice of db to the dialog (i.e. "use HSQLDB
if you need to be compatible with older versions of LO, otherwise use
Firebird" etc.)

W.r.t. to the naming in the list box: this is set within the Drivers.xcu
of each relevant driver, and can be changed there as needed -- I'll
probably change it to be "HSQLDB Embedded" + "Firebird Embedded".



On Mon, 2013-07-29 at 17:11 +0200, Andrzej Hunt wrote:
> Hi Michael, Fridrich, all,
> Attached is an empty .odb file which can be used to test the
> firebird-sdbc driver. (It doesn't contain an actual .fdb file within it
> -- this is created from scratch when needed and is then saved into
> the .odb when saving.)
> Please note the following:
> -The save button doesn't activate when appropriate yet -- you'll have to
> use save as explicitly to save the .odb.
> -You can't insert data into tables yet (unless you use a manual sql
> query, which I guess should probably work).
> -You may have issues when transporting a file between computers (once
> the .fdb has been created) as we don't deal with the icu issues yet.
> I'll probably start working on a selector to select between hsqldb and
> firebird for new files today/tomorrow. (I guess we'd want this anyway
> for a while in case people need to create new files that they can share
> with people using older versions of LO etc.).
> Cheers,
> 	Andrzej

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