Subj: Problem controlling Writer remotely -- Please help

Lars Doelle doelle at
Tue Jul 30 03:48:59 PDT 2013

Hi All,

in an application, LibreOffice is used coupled with another application,
both controlling each other. Currently, the transport is asymmetric, i.e.
incoming RPCs to LibreOffice are received using UNO while outgoing are
over TCP using The asymmetry is only
because we were not able to get going
in a way that allows to edit a document while waiting for an incoming
connection, i.e. event-driven.

Now the other (proprietary) application has an embedded python interpreter
which is compiled with UCS-2 while the system-python (under RedHat) uses
UCS-4, so importing '' from LibreOffice does work anymore but
produces wrong strings. This happened when moving the platform from
Windows to Linux.

Seeking a solution, i write to ask for help to this mail-list. Two
solutions appear to be possible (in order of preference):

1) Use to create a TCP-server within
   LibreOffice. Our problem is how to make this event-driven. Is is
   this possible at all?

2) Compile the dynamic library (-ies?) needed by to use UCS-2
   for character presentation. Our problem with this approach is to
   identify the sources needed and to compile them without compiling
   the whole suite.

Any hint towards solving the problem might help us to get along.

Thanks, Lars

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