Subj: Problem controlling Writer remotely -- Please help

Stephan Bergmann sbergman at
Wed Jul 31 05:44:58 PDT 2013

On 07/30/2013 12:48 PM, Lars Doelle wrote:
> in an application, LibreOffice is used coupled with another application,
> both controlling each other. Currently, the transport is asymmetric, i.e.
> incoming RPCs to LibreOffice are received using UNO while outgoing are
> over TCP using The asymmetry is only
> because we were not able to get going
> in a way that allows to edit a document while waiting for an incoming
> connection, i.e. event-driven.
> Now the other (proprietary) application has an embedded python interpreter
> which is compiled with UCS-2 while the system-python (under RedHat) uses
> UCS-4, so importing '' from LibreOffice does work anymore but
> produces wrong strings. This happened when moving the platform from
> Windows to Linux.
> Seeking a solution, i write to ask for help to this mail-list. Two
> solutions appear to be possible (in order of preference):
> 1) Use to create a TCP-server within
>     LibreOffice. Our problem is how to make this event-driven. Is is
>     this possible at all?

Not sure I get your scenario right.  If you want the LibreOffice 
(soffice) process to accept incoming connections, just start it with an 
--accept=... command line argument.  (The resulting 
css.connection.Acceptor is running in its own thread then, to not block 
anything else while waiting for connections, see 


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