Doubt about OpenSymbol and Math

Marcos Souza at
Mon Jun 3 15:20:56 PDT 2013

Hi LO guys,

Some after looking at all Math bugs(I looked at AOO bugs too), I saw 
something interesting:

About 30 % of bugs are about Symbols. Someone asking to put new symbols, 
another guys asking about a "Symbol manager" to add new symbols by UI 
and more.

So, I saw this commit of Olivier: 
adding new symbols...

So, this is a "little unfriendly" way to add new symbols :)

My questions are: How can we manage this, there is another way to add 
new symbols? This OpenSymbol is still necessary? Can we change this to 
another fonts, like XTIS or another?

Thanks since now!

(If I said something wrong here please forgive me, I'm trying to help ^^')

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