Doubt about OpenSymbol and Math

Marcos Souza at
Tue Jun 4 04:16:47 PDT 2013

Hi Michael,

Em 06/04/2013 05:41 AM, Michael Meeks escreveu:
> Hi Marcos,
> On Mon, 2013-06-03 at 19:20 -0300, Marcos Souza wrote:
>> Some after looking at all Math bugs, I saw something interesting:
> 	:-)
>> About 30 % of bugs are about Symbols. Someone asking to put new symbols,
>> another guys asking about a "Symbol manager" to add new symbols by UI
>> and more.
> 	Sounds interesting.
>> So, I saw this commit of Olivier:
>> adding new symbols...
>> So, this is a "little unfriendly" way to add new symbols :)
> 	Heh - well, the commit looks horrible, but the .sfd file is edited by a
> GUI tool 'fontforge', which makes it not so hard (I hope) to edit them.
> But really the commit that added the game-theory symbols is:
> 	Which as you can see is worse ;-) there are code changes needed.
Thanks, now I saw the fontforge and how it works :)
>> My questions are: How can we manage this, there is another way to add
>> new symbols? This OpenSymbol is still necessary? Can we change this to
>> another fonts, like XTIS or another?
> 	Interesting questions; ideally we would add the symbols to OpenSymbol -
> and distribute that everywhere so that we know that people have them (I
> guess), presumably with mappings - in the horrible VCL mapping table to
> turn them into Microsoft symbols in their distributed fonts on
> import/export [ if there are equivalents ]:
> 	unotools/source/misc/fontcvt.cxx
> 	Has those tables.
> 	Either way - if you'd like to get stuck into adding math symbols, I
> imagine the best thing (for now) is to follow Olivier's lead, and (if MS
> font equivalents exist) add the entries to 'fontcvt.cxx' to ensure that
> if we export to / import from MS formats on Windows that we get the
> right mappings.
> 	Does that make sense ?
> 	HTH,
> 		Michael.
Yeah makes sense! But, there is another way to not make our homebrew 
fonts? It seems to be needed a lot of work just to add a new unicode 

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