Doubt about OpenSymbol and Math

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Tue Jun 4 09:30:03 PDT 2013


Olivier Hallot schrieb:
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> Em 04-06-2013 06:43, Noel Grandin escreveu:
>> I think the question that Marcos is asking is a little different.
>> Math typography is slightly weird in that people like to invent their
>> own symbols, and symbols are often very particular to quite a small
>> group of mathematicians.
>> Lots of the more common symbols have local variants that are only used
>> within a specific nation, or within a grouping of academic institutions.
>> So no font is ever going to be able to capture more than the most widely
>> used variants of the symbols.
>> So what I think he wants is the ability to define custom new shapes at
>> runtime and add them to some kind of gallery, and to be able to embed
>> them into a document.
> Hi Noel
> This is what I suspect STIX(1) fonts are about: provide to scientific
> community a font that covers all/most of the math/science demands. You
> will notice that STIX fonts has a quite hefty support organizations.
> So basically, given that STIX has all the symbols, why do we need
> OpenSymbol and the work to fill the gaps?

Besides STIX also the MathJax-fonts are suitable. I got the package from, but they seem 
to be in some Linux distro as well.

Kind regards

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