[GSOC weekly update] iOS remote control

Siqi Liu me at siqi.fr
Sun Jun 9 09:14:59 PDT 2013

Hello everyone,

During the last week I've been working on getting the basic communication
works between ios device and the libreoffice server. Here is the first
weekly update for you.

*[Current Progress]*
For now, the iOS device can connect to a given ip address, send commands
(pairing request, goto next slide for example), and listen on an
inputStream for server end instructions once connected.

It can also parse incoming instructions and decode and store lecturer notes
and images onto the device. Incoming instructions like "start_slideshow"
will also trigger remote end to switch to another view
(NSNotificationCenter). In case of connection lost, the remote end will
yields connection error for further processing.

*[Coming Week]*
During the coming week, I will be working on communicationManager which
allows users to store multiple servers' information and handles
connection/disconnection request from users. Since the listening feature is
handled at a lower level and there is no equivalent to Android's Service
class in native iOS SDK, I will try to find a way to implement this in a
different way. If I have some extra time I will start to prepare some basic
UI elements in order to test slideshow display (preview images with notes)
on the remote end.

Please feel free to leave a message if you have any advice! For those who
are interested in a more frequent updates, here is a RSS feeds to my
libreoffice blog : http://blog.siqi.fr/index.php/category/libreoffice/feed/

One last question: in order to do base64 decoding for the preview images,
I've used a base64 decoder which is under Public Domain License. Can we
include this kind of license in LibreOffice? I've reproduced the license


//  Base64.h

//  CryptTest


//  Created by Kiichi Takeuchi on 4/20/10.

//  Copyright 2010 ObjectGraph LLC. All rights reserved.


// Original Source Code is donated by Cyrus

// Public Domain License

// http://www.cocoadev.com/index.pl?BaseSixtyFour

All the best!


Siqi LIU

Étudiant Ingérieur, Université de Technologie de Compiègne
Vice-Président de l'association robotique UTCoupe
Responsable d'atelier de ClubChine

  Tel. +33 7 61 16 95 83
  email: me at siqi.fr
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