[GSOC weekly update] iOS remote control

Tor Lillqvist tml at iki.fi
Mon Jun 10 00:42:49 PDT 2013

> One last question: in order to do base64 decoding for the preview images,
> I've used a base64 decoder which is under Public Domain License. Can we
> include this kind of license in LibreOffice? I've reproduced the license
> below.

> //  Created by Kiichi Takeuchi on 4/20/10.
> //  Copyright 2010 ObjectGraph LLC. All rights reserved.
> //
> // Original Source Code is donated by Cyrus
> // Public Domain License
> // http://www.cocoadev.com/index.pl?BaseSixtyFour
Hmm, what is the temporal relationship of these lines? Was the code
originally put in the public domain by "Cyrus" (whatever/whoever that is),
and then adopted and modified by Kiichi Takeuchi (working for this
ObjectGraph LLC?)? In that case, I don't see anything from
Takeuchi/ObjectGraph that would make their modified version public domain,
too. IMHO best to avoid such unclearly licensed code completely.

Surely there must be base64 decoding code out there that has clearer

And what is the point in this code with the use of an Objective-C class
that has only class methods anyway, and instances of that class are
meaningless? Is that considered good Objective-C practice? (I don't know;
maybe it is?) http://stackoverflow.com/a/3516922/259398 seems to say that
is not good practice. But other places seem to say that it is OK.

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