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Mon Jun 10 12:06:56 PDT 2013

Hi Alex,

Thanks for the note. I looked up the thread on german discuss list. The
problem is not that "doesn't insert the required WHERE clause before the
LIMIT" (it sounds like adding a criteria on GUI and this criteria not
inserted into the select statement before the limit clause while running),
but hsqldb does not support queries like "select * from table limit y". In
hsqldb's concept we have to use a WHERE or an ORDER BY clause before LIMIT
or at least a Table alias.

In case of mysql, Base appends a table alias automatically to the select
statement (read on the german list). I don't sure this appending's aim is
to avoid this problem or not, but can use for hsqldb too.

I found a driver property with name "AppendTableAliasInSelect" which seems
to be responsible for appending alias. It is used only in generating
statement in QueryDesignView.cxx, so I think it can be used wihtout any
problem. I can't test whether it works yet, I'm compiling by now, but it
seems to me it works as its name suggests. So if you don't have any
objection to it or don't have a better solution than I solve the problem in
this way.

Best regards,

2013/6/10 Alexander Thurgood <alex.thurgood at>

> Le 19/01/13 03:46, Lionel Elie Mamane a écrit :
> Hi all,
> FYI, there is a report/discussion on the German discuss list that this
> functionality fails with hsqldb embedded databases and current 4.1 beta2
> because it doesn't insert the required WHERE clause before the LIMIT
> operator.
> The functionality is reported to work correctly with a msyql db.
> Alex
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