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Thomas Hackert thackert at
Mon Jun 10 23:53:36 PDT 2013

Hello Alex,
On Montag, 10. Juni 2013 21:06 Zolnai Tamás wrote:
thanks, Alex, to bringing my problem to this list :)

> Thanks for the note. I looked up the thread on german discuss
> list. The problem is not that "doesn't insert the required WHERE
> clause before the LIMIT" (it sounds like adding a criteria on GUI
> and this criteria not inserted into the select statement before
> the limit clause while running), but hsqldb does not support
> queries like "select * from table limit y". In hsqldb's concept we
> have to use a WHERE or an ORDER BY clause before LIMIT or at least
> a Table alias.

But should this not be mentioned in the help to "SQL;LIMIT clause" 
(so it is called in Germanophone OLH ... ;) In Pootle you can find 
it at 
Something like

<ahelp hid=".">Expands the created select statement of the <link 
href="text/shared/explorer/database/02010100.xhp" name="SQL 
Query">SQL Query</link> by the LIMIT X clause</ahelp>. This can be 
used to limit your SQL Query results to those that fall within the 
first X number of it.
Note: LIMIT does not work with Base per se. If you want to use it 
with %PRODUCTNAME Base's integrated HSQL, you need to add either 
"WHERE" or "ORDER BY" clauses in SQL.
(or something like that)? Feel free to correct my errors and or 
improve it ... ;)

> In case of mysql, Base appends a table alias automatically to the
> select statement (read on the german list). I don't sure this
> appending's aim is to avoid this problem or not, but can use for
> hsqldb too.

Is there a possibility to implement some kind of dialog to ask for 
the "WHERE" or "ORDER BY" clause in an easy way? I am not a 
programmer, so I could not be of any help, sorry ... :(

Have a nice day
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