[GSOC weekly update] iOS remote control

Siqi Liu me at siqi.fr
Tue Jun 11 01:25:48 PDT 2013

Hello all,

Thanks for your help, it's great to have many helping hands here :)

I think I would write my own implementation since it doesn't seem to be
really complicated... I will not create a separate utility class but
instead add it to a category for NSData. I will test that today and let you
know what I get there.

All the best!


2013/6/10 Cedric Bosdonnat <cbosdonnat at suse.com>

> On Mon, 2013-06-10 at 11:21 +0300, Tor Lillqvist wrote:
> > I don't think we want to drag in boost in an otherwise clean
> > Objective-C -only app. (Cédric's code at least includes a boost
> > header, too.)
> Just pay attention with my code: I wanted it to work on streams when I
> don't have the full content to encode.
> The boost header used in that file is not used by the EncodedData class
> actually doing the base64 encode/decode work. Note that Base64 isn't
> that complex, you can even write one in objective-C pretty quickly.
> --
> Cedric
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