scp2 - modules (and fdo#60924)

Stephan Bergmann sbergman at
Wed Jun 12 03:50:18 PDT 2013

On 06/12/2013 09:24 AM, Tor Lillqvist wrote:
>     Yes, we do. They are used to create the module tree in the installer,
>     where you can choose which parts should be installed and which should
>     not.
> *Personally* I think having such choice is not really necessary. It's an
> artefact from times when disks were at least one order of magnitude smaller.
> There are no such optional sub-features in the Mac install, and nobody
> is complaining.
> We should make things simpler and easier and remove pointless dimensions
> from the choice space.

One special case for the multi-locale Windows installation set is 
choosing just a subset of the locales, of course.

But apart from that, I guess the ability for choice here brings much 
more trouble than it is worth.


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