This Stock rallied big before could it happen again?

rnmcleod01 at rnmcleod01 at
Thu Jun 13 10:43:53 PDT 2013

Thursday Pick & Great Bottom Bounce Rally Asap! H_AIR looks to 
get the #1 be in the Micro-Cap trading for a Low Bounce right 
here and today on. We re placing H_AIR perfectly for the buyers 
and alerting this right on the base with huge liquidity and 
major upside readily available levels short run. With prs 
developing and trader awareness gonna go peak we presume H_AIR 
is a superb trading chance for our buyers that are interested 
in fast short run earning. H_AIR continues to doing big volume 
during the last 72 hours as investor interest rate beginning to 
expand. H_AIR sold the way .43 cents on Monday. Might be where 
we at showing our members in the to purchase H_AIR til its 
highly affordable and ready to Explode up trading higher 
short-term. Add blocks of H_AIR on Thu, June 13th, 2013.

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