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Hi Thomas, Alex

  I was wrong about hsqldb. It is not a concept which cause the problem but
a bug, at least in version 1.8.0. I look into the source code and find that
LIMIT is not used as a keyword while parsing from clause and so LIMIT is
recognized as a table alias and not as the start of limit clause.
  If you try running "SELECT * FROM one_table as LIMIT" in sql view with
option "Run SQL commend directly" (to avoid LO sytnax check, which
recognizes that this is an error) than hsqldb works this statement up and
return with the table "one_table" without any exception because of using a
keyword as a table alias, as it do with other keywords.
   So I fixed it inside LO and so in RC1 it will work.

Best Regards,

2013/6/11 Thomas Hackert <thackert at>

> Hallo Tamás, *,
> On Dienstag, 11. Juni 2013 16:01 Zolnai Tamás wrote:
> >     Extend help is a good idea and adding a new dialog too. But I
> >     think
> > this characteristic of hsqldb would be hide from the user instead,
> > because if the deafult database change in the future (as I see
> > there are some efforts to it)
> well, but as it maybe would change in the future, I think, we should
> extend the OLH (we could remove it later, when we have a replacement
> for HSQL, couldn't we?) instead of getting loads of complains or bug
> reports about "a non working Base" or the like ... ;)
> > and this database supports LIMIT without adding
> > GROUP BY or WHERE, than these things get unneeded and the
> > behaviour of Base change. (Here I means that Base known by normal
> > user who use it with the default driver).
> >     This is why I prefer adding table alias to the select
> >     statement behind
> > GUI and allow the user to make queries like "select * from table
> > limit y".
> Would this be easy to implement without any strange side effects? If
> it is easy, it would be cool to get this done before releasing 4.1
> final ... ;)
> Thanks for your answer
> Thomas.
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