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Thomas Hackert thackert at
Tue Jun 11 07:56:05 PDT 2013

Hallo Tamás, *,
On Dienstag, 11. Juni 2013 16:01 Zolnai Tamás wrote:

>     Extend help is a good idea and adding a new dialog too. But I
>     think
> this characteristic of hsqldb would be hide from the user instead,
> because if the deafult database change in the future (as I see
> there are some efforts to it)

well, but as it maybe would change in the future, I think, we should 
extend the OLH (we could remove it later, when we have a replacement 
for HSQL, couldn't we?) instead of getting loads of complains or bug 
reports about "a non working Base" or the like ... ;)

> and this database supports LIMIT without adding 
> GROUP BY or WHERE, than these things get unneeded and the
> behaviour of Base change. (Here I means that Base known by normal
> user who use it with the default driver).
>     This is why I prefer adding table alias to the select
>     statement behind
> GUI and allow the user to make queries like "select * from table
> limit y".

Would this be easy to implement without any strange side effects? If 
it is easy, it would be cool to get this done before releasing 4.1 
final ... ;)
Thanks for your answer

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