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Andras Timar timar74 at
Sun Jun 16 00:29:37 PDT 2013

Hi Mat,

On Sun, Jun 16, 2013 at 1:15 AM, Mat M <matm at> wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm tackling back to fdo#39632 [1]. But I have a question about current
> implementation.
> I started my work with checkdirectory.cxx[2] , which is called 2 times
> during a typical install.
> I just added the two last message boxes defined there to check it is called.
> I created a non-empty file where it says the sSetupIniPath will be, but did
> not manage to trigger the directory non empty error, which seems weird. When
> converting handle of the should-have-been-found to string, I get a -1.
> looking at &data content, I get some rubbish - if convert from tchar to
> tstring is ok -, so file seems not found.
> Moreover, even if we find the file, nothing is done, so this could be
> removed, no ?

Well, MSI_ERROR_DIRECTORY_NOT_EMPTY is set, and we can check for it in
the install log. But it is true, that we don't handle this in
installer code. I have a feeling that consolidating this module will
be in fact deleting most of the custom actions at the end of the day.
:) Please check file history and old OOo bugzilla, why a custom action
was introduced in the first place, and if you think that it is
useless, remove it.

> Side question: is there a make target to just trigger the MSI generation, if
> I want to avoid the "build" one ?

/opt/lo/bin/make instsetoo_native

Best regards,

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