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> Hi Mat,
> On Sun, Jun 16, 2013 at 1:15 AM, Mat M <matm at> wrote:
>> Hello,
>> I'm tackling back to fdo#39632 [1]. But I have a question about current
>> implementation.
>> I started my work with checkdirectory.cxx[2] , which is called 2 times
>> during a typical install.
>> Moreover, even if we find the file, nothing is done, so this could be
>> removed, no ?
> Well, MSI_ERROR_DIRECTORY_NOT_EMPTY is set, and we can check for it in
> the install log. But it is true, that we don't handle this in
> installer code. I have a feeling that consolidating this module will
> be in fact deleting most of the custom actions at the end of the day.
> :) Please check file history and old OOo bugzilla, why a custom action
> was introduced in the first place, and if you think that it is
> useless, remove it.


CAs (Custom Action) outside shellextensions are fine.
About shellextensions ones, here is my status:

* checkdirectory.cxx : was like this from start. So always useless :)
	=> to be removed
* completeinstallpath.cxx : handle the first level directories :
       // This CustomAction is necessary for updates from OOo 3.0, OOo 3.1
and OOo 3.2 to versions
       // OOo 3.3 or later. This is caused by a change of INSTALLLOCATION,
that starting with OOo 3.3
       // contains the name of the product again (instead of only  
files"). Unfortunately
       // this causes in an update installation, that INSTALLLOCATION is set
to "c:\program files",
       // so that in an OOo 3.3 or later, the directory "program" or "share"
are directly created
       // below "c:\program files".
	=> Shall we remove it ?
* vistaspecial.cxx: i#94560 .
	=> To keep.
* startmenuicon.cxx: was used to have a special icon on start menu folder.  
Disabled since vista.
	=> to be removed
* upgrade.cxx: i#43855 [1]. Not sure we want to reproduce use case from  
comment 6.
	=> to confirm
* checkpatches.cxx: used for upgrades (differential msi). Check if  
previous patches have been applied.
	=> to keep, hoping for the return of .msp :)
* layerlinks.cxx: handle creation of a ure-link file at root. this file is  
used to abstract URE path in code (mainly installation related, though).  
My question is: could we create this file during instsetoo and add it as a  
simple file in the MSI, so CustomAction could be removed ?
	=> to keep for now
* migrateinstallpath.cxx: used to emulate upgrade pahse with 2 MSI with no  
upgradecode inside.
	=> to keep for now.

If no voice raise, I will proceed accordingly before tackling back to  

Best Regards

Mat M

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