MSI process

Andras Timar timar74 at
Mon Jun 17 03:36:48 PDT 2013

On Mon, Jun 17, 2013 at 12:35 AM, Mat M <matm at> wrote:
> CAs (Custom Action) outside shellextensions are fine.

Well, the job of regactivex/regpatchactivex should be done by normal
actions, custom action is for this is a hack.

> About shellextensions ones, here is my status:
> * checkdirectory.cxx : was like this from start. So always useless :)
>         => to be removed


> * completeinstallpath.cxx : handle the first level directories :

I don't think we upgrade OOo 3.0, OOo 3.1 or OOo 3.2 , so this is
useless, but please test it, before removing.

> * vistaspecial.cxx: i#94560 .
>         => To keep.

This is a dirty hack. I wonder if the original bug that it solves, is
reproducible with our installer. If not, remove it.

> * startmenuicon.cxx: was used to have a special icon on start menu folder.
> Disabled since vista.
>         => to be removed

Please keep it, we still support Windows XP.

> * upgrade.cxx: i#43855 [1]. Not sure we want to reproduce use case from
> comment 6.
>         => to confirm

User installation (as opposed to system wide installation) is
generally unsupported. I mean it may not work at all, and IMHO it
makes little sense.

> * checkpatches.cxx: used for upgrades (differential msi). Check if previous
> patches have been applied.
>         => to keep, hoping for the return of .msp :)

You can keep it, however, I don't know how it is supposed to work.

> * layerlinks.cxx: handle creation of a ure-link file at root. this file is
> used to abstract URE path in code (mainly installation related, though). My
> question is: could we create this file during instsetoo and add it as a
> simple file in the MSI, so CustomAction could be removed ?
>         => to keep for now

See Stephan's mail.

> * migrateinstallpath.cxx: used to emulate upgrade pahse with 2 MSI with no
> upgradecode inside.
>         => to keep for now.



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