MSI process

Stephan Bergmann sbergman at
Mon Jun 17 02:53:08 PDT 2013

On 06/17/2013 12:35 AM, Mat M wrote:
> * layerlinks.cxx: handle creation of a ure-link file at root. this file
> is used to abstract URE path in code (mainly installation related,
> though). My question is: could we create this file during instsetoo and
> add it as a simple file in the MSI, so CustomAction could be removed ?
>      => to keep for now

The ure-link file on Windows is a remnant from a time when we split OOo 
installation sets into three layers (URE, basis, brand), and the tree 
layers, at least in principle and somewhat depending on platform, could 
be at arbitrary locations relative to each other.  The basis/brand split 
is long gone again by now, and the URE is effectively always at a fixed 
location relative to the rest of the installation, esp. on Windows (in 
the URE directory).

The most trivial fix would thus be to have the Windows-specific ure-link 
file as a normal file, with hardcoded content, instead of generating it 
via a custom action during installation.  (I wasn't aware that was still 
the case.)

(An almost as trivial fix should be to get rid of the ure-link file on 
Windows completely, though that might come at the expense of introducing 
platform-dependence into some hard-coded paths in the code.  I'll look 
into that.)


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