Experimental LibreOffice app for iOS

Tor Lillqvist tml at iki.fi
Thu Jun 20 07:15:54 PDT 2013

> I can contribute the code as well. But the LibreOffice code base is huge
> and kinda messy

Sure, but luckily you don't need to touch, or even look at, large parts of
it if your main interest is making an app for iOS;)

> so I doubt I can do much.

The iOS experimental app is in the ios/experimental/LibreOffice directory.
There is an Xcode project there that builds the app assuming the rest of
the LibreOffice code has been cross-compiled first using the command-line
method as described in README.cross.

The parts in the LibreOffice code that interfaces with the iOS-specific UI
layer are in vcl/ios mostly.

Whether the basic idea how this experimental app works is a good one, or
whether some radical re-think is necessary, that is unclear yet,

One thing that is already obvious is that in order even to get sanely
working panning and zooming on touch devices, a significant amount of
changes are needed also in the "core" LibreOffice code.

> Thanks for the answer, this README.cross looks like a good starting point.

Great! Hope to eventually see contributions from you!

Please, send email about this in the future to the LibreOffice development
mailing list. In general private email is avoided in open source projects.
I am sending this reply to the list, with you in Bcc.

It is also useful to hang around on our IRC channel (#libreoffice-dev on
freenode) and ask questions there.

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