Question on Java JDK build environments impacting JRE use

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Sat Jun 22 09:45:04 PDT 2013

Here is an interesting technical puzzler from a non-developer...

So, with the build got to looking at  fdo#58995
<>   JRE 1.7u25's Java
Access Bridge v2.0.3 not interfacing with UNO Accessibility API for Windows

The current release build is pushing out classes with byte code
tagged --feca beba 0000 3100, so Java J2SE 5.0 .
And, I've had a look at the build info for several of the branches, the  JDK
being used on  Lubos & Kendy's TB 6, and on Fridrich's TB 9 systems.  Lubos'
is using JDK 1.5.0_22, while Fridrich is using 1.6.0_23.  

What is the impact of continuing to build a J2SE 5.0 bytecode target?  Given
the ongoing issues with the non functioning LibreOffice/OpenOffice UNO
Accessibility API <->  Java Access Bridge 2.0.3 that is compiled into  JRE
1.7.0_u6 onward.

And in a similar vein, what impact does running HSQLDB and Report Builder
classes built as J2SE 5.0 bytecode, with the current 1.6u45 and 1.7u25 JREs? 
Could this be a cause of some of the stability issues folks are having with
Base and Report Builder?

Could anyone spin up a TB to build Windows (possibly OSX) master using JDK
7, or possibly even Open JDK 8 beta (which has been marked M7 Feature
Complete as of 2013/06/13 ) and build Libreoffice  with J2SE 7 classes?   

And, if not too complicated to put up a TB with that capability, it would be
very helpful to  test  native Java 1.7  bytecode to determine if that
resolves some of the JAB issues of fdo#58995.  And think it would also be
interesting to see if that helps the Report Builder and HSQLDB issues.  And
maybe some positive impact on the OSX side as well.

Any takers?


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