Question on Java JDK build environments impacting JRE use

Alex Thurgood alex.thurgood at
Sun Jun 23 21:44:26 PDT 2013

Le 22/06/2013 18:45, V Stuart Foote a écrit :

Hi Stuart,

> Could anyone spin up a TB to build Windows (possibly OSX) master using JDK
> 7, or possibly even Open JDK 8 beta (which has been marked M7 Feature
> Complete as of 2013/06/13 ) and build Libreoffice  with J2SE 7 classes?
> And, if not too complicated to put up a TB with that capability, it would be
> very helpful to  test  native Java 1.7  bytecode to determine if that
> resolves some of the JAB issues of fdo#58995.  And think it would also be
> interesting to see if that helps the Report Builder and HSQLDB issues.  And
> maybe some positive impact on the OSX side as well.

FWIW, there is already a report in BZ about Java 1.7 not being 
recognized in OSX 10.8. Stock OSX 10.8 apparently doesn't come with a 
JVM anymore out of the box, and the only available maintained JVM for 
OSX is 1.7, which in essence poses a problem for any and all 
functionality within LO that makes Java calls. I don't know how the new 
OSX buildbot deals with this or what version of OSX it is running.

On upgraded OSX machines, i.e. ones that have gone through the 10.6, 
10.7 to 10.8 cycle,we still have the maintained JVM provided by Apple 
(1.6_xx). These are just my observations, perhaps others can shed more 


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