LO /  Firebird DB Integration

Andrzej J. R. Hunt andrzej at ahunt.org
Mon Jun 24 07:19:32 PDT 2013

On 24/06/13 12:25, David Tardon wrote:
> If this is the current option, could we please consider the possibility
> to drop the whole idea and just stay with hsqldb? With my distro hat on,
> I do not see any improvement with having to bundle hsqldb vs. having to
> bundle firebird.
The main motivation for the switch was (another step in) getting rid of
java (at least for me personally it is, and AFAICS for most other people
too), and not the bundling of a db. And there appear to be solutions to
allow reliable use of external firebird with various ICUs (see mails
from Lionel/Michael) -- so either way firebird still makes the most
sense to me.



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