Accessible labels in alerts claim to be ROLE_PASSWORD_TEXT

Niklas Johansson sleeping.pillow at
Sat Nov 2 06:18:01 PDT 2013

I've been trying to get a grip on bug fdo#70588 "Accessible labels in 
alerts claim to be ROLE_PASSWORD_TEXT instead of ROLE_LABEL". In short 
this bug makes text inside message dialogs unreadable to screen readers 
(on all platforms).

I've followed the code around a bit and it seems to be an issue with 
different WinBits that has the same value, more exactly WB_WORDBREAK and 
WB_PASSWORD has the same value and indirectly set the AccessibleRole to 

In newer message dialogs here is were the WB_WORDBREAK gets added:

Here is were the AccessibleRole gets set to PASSWORD_TEXT (due to the 
fact that WB_WORDBREAK is set)

I should probably mention that WB_READONLY and WB_NOLABEL has the same 
value, but that has only positive effects in the above mentioned case 
because labels in messageboxes should of course be read only.
**Does it make sense to change the values of WinBits or how does one 
deal with a problem like this?*

For quick reference to WinBits:

Niklas Johansson

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