Accessible labels in alerts claim to be ROLE_PASSWORD_TEXT

Caolán McNamara caolanm at
Mon Nov 4 06:42:10 PST 2013

On Sat, 2013-11-02 at 14:18 +0100, Niklas Johansson wrote:
> I've been trying to get a grip on bug fdo#70588 "Accessible labels in
> alerts claim to be ROLE_PASSWORD_TEXT instead of ROLE_LABEL". In short
> this bug makes text inside message dialogs unreadable to screen
> readers (on all platforms). 
> I've followed the code around a bit and it seems to be an issue with
> different WinBits that has the same value, more exactly WB_WORDBREAK
> and WB_PASSWORD has the same value and indirectly set the
> AccessibleRole to PASSWORD_TEXT. 
> In newer message dialogs here is were the WB_WORDBREAK gets added:

Bah, so does make it work. I presume it does. We don't need to use WB_WORDBREAK for multiline edits, that's implied and like you say the bit is reused under a different name for a different purpose there.


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