Save as formats explored

Bryan Quigley gquigs at
Thu Nov 7 11:20:15 PST 2013

Hi all,

I've been looking at the Save As formats again and have another few
changes I'd like to propose.  Like last time, these changes would be
UI only and not impact importing these file formats.

1.  Remove all of the " 1.0" file formats.   People may
think they should use this to communicate with OpenOffice users.
More importantly I don't see any use case for this file format
anymore.  Is anyone still exporting to it / or know anyone who is?
(Google,which overestimates shows filetype:sxw, 23,300.  filetype:odt,
2,610,000. )

2.  Change one of these names to be consistent:
ODF Text Document (odt)
OpenDocument Text (Flat XML) (fodt)

Either:  OpenDocument Text (odt) or Flat ODF Text Document (fodt)

3.  Change "Text Encoded (.txt)" to  "Text (Choose Encoding) (.txt) or
"Text - Choose Encoding (.txt)"

Any preferences/comments on the above?   I'm happy to make patches for
all once we reach consensus.

Thank you!

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