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2013/11/10 Bryan Quigley <gquigs at>

> Thanks for the feedback.  The patches for all three are attached.
> 1.
> I should reiterate that I'm just removing Write support ONLY for
> "OpenOffice 1.0" formats.   You would still be able to open them and
> save them as newer formats.  (This is very similar to what I did for
> Word 95/6.0 which didn't seem to cause any issues).
> I believe calling it OpenOffice 1.0 should have implied it's legacy.

I'm not really happy with that. We disabled the old MSO formats because
they were not well supported. This is different for the openoffice file
formats and IMO we should not suddenly remove any support for them unless
we have a technical reason to do so. For me it feels completely wrong to
remove support for some of the old native OpenOffice files for "political"
reasons while we add support for ancient Apple formats.

> 2.  I went with Flat XML ODF Text Document.
> 3.  I went with Text - Choose Encoding.
> One issue that I noticed is that if you make a Master Document, it
> gives you the option to save as -> Text Encoded/Choose Encoding.
> Should this be removed from there?
I think these two are mainly ok. Maybe move the Flat XML part again into
the end of the string to make clear that the format is ODF and only how it
is stored in the file is different.

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