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Mon Nov 11 01:57:18 PST 2013

Hi *,

Am 11.11.2013 10:44 schrieb "soliman Eldebaky" <soliman.mourad at gmail.com>:
>  and i installed  vs2012 update 3 and still as it is

Yes, as visual studio itself doesn't contain the file. You need to download
the windows SDK separately. You'll find a link on the wiki page.

Just coping the file into the existing SDK might work or not. Never tried.
I suggest to use the separate SDK. That is what the release builds do, and
also what configure picks up by default (at least when using the defaults
in the vs/SDK installers).

So so download and install the windows SDK and run autogen.sh again. It
should find the vbs file (look in config_host.mk).

If it still cannot find it, please paste the corresponding part from
config.log and tell us where the vbs file is installed on your system.

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