Vendors Name via UNO API / Basic Macros

Thomas Krumbein thomas.krumbein at
Thu Nov 14 00:21:24 PST 2013

Hey all,

I am looking for an easy way to find out, which product (LibO or AOO) is
installed and currently activ via Basic Macros.

Because in LO 4.1 we have some API-changes, macros should now have a
There are different methods to get the internal version-number - that is
not a problem.

But: The version number itself is not suffcient because AOO 4.1.0 will
start soon and this version-number is identical to LO 4.1.0.

So macros must have additional a vendor-switch.

Do somebody have an easy access hint to vendor-name?

There should be a possibility in configuration-data, but I do not know

Thanks for your answers


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