footnotes (Replacing one DLL from official build)

Pavel Laštovička pavel.lastovicka at
Fri Nov 15 09:51:09 PST 2013

Hi Kendy,  :)

Dne 13.11.2013 14:11, Jan Holesovsky napsal(a):
> I wouldn't use it - as you can see, anything can go wrong there... But I am more 
> curious why do you need to do an own swlo.dll in the first place? Cannot you just 
> up-stream the functionality you need there? All the best, Kendy 

sorry I did not get to respond sooner. I am attaching my trivial change. However it 
took me long to discover what exactly to change.

It fixes compatibility problem with footnotes in Microsoft Word (.doc) documents. 
Fix removes indentation between footnote number and footnote text. But, it means 
footnotes in all other documents will be displayed incorrectly. I tried to think 
about some universal solution but I have not come up with any. Imported Word 
documents may become .odt documents upon saving. The change is also necessary to be 
able to have a footnote number e.g. 1) where the number is in superscript and ) 
symbol manually added in normal script.

At least what could be done is to add a new compatibility option to source code and 
to the UI.


diff --git a/sw/source/core/text/porfld.cxx b/sw/source/core/text/porfld.cxx
index 37c3ce0..850794b 100644
--- a/sw/source/core/text/porfld.cxx
+++ b/sw/source/core/text/porfld.cxx
@@ -584,9 +584,9 @@ sal_Bool SwNumberPortion::Format( SwTxtFormatInfo &rInf )

          if ( !mbLabelAlignmentPosAndSpaceModeActive )
-            if ( 
+            if ( 
                   // #i32902#
-                 !IsFtnNumPortion() )
+                 || IsFtnNumPortion())
                  nDiff = rInf.Left()
                      + rInf.GetTxtFrm()->GetTxtNode()->

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