footnotes (Replacing one DLL from official build)

Jan Holesovsky kendy at
Tue Nov 19 09:14:05 PST 2013

Hi Pavel,

Pavel Laštovička píše v Pá 15. 11. 2013 v 18:51 +0100:

> > I wouldn't use it - as you can see, anything can go wrong there... But I am more 
> > curious why do you need to do an own swlo.dll in the first place? Cannot you just 
> > up-stream the functionality you need there? All the best, Kendy 
> sorry I did not get to respond sooner. I am attaching my trivial change. However it 
> took me long to discover what exactly to change.

Oh - the usual scenario with debugging ;-)

> It fixes compatibility problem with footnotes in Microsoft Word (.doc) documents. 
> Fix removes indentation between footnote number and footnote text. But, it means 
> footnotes in all other documents will be displayed incorrectly. I tried to think 
> about some universal solution but I have not come up with any.

I'd be most interested to see the document that triggers the wrong
behavior - is there any in the bugzilla?  Or can you please produce a
minimal one?

For the behavior that is different in LibreOffice and MSO, if there is
no possibility to make both happy, we have the concept of compatibility
options; if there is no other way, this will make it, I'm sure :-)

An example of a compatibility option:

Do you think this would help your case?


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