Packing from instdir (also: lets kill scp2!)

bjoern bjoern.michaelsen at
Thu Nov 21 09:03:36 PST 2013


so I just pushed:;a=commitdiff;h=6991dd741e41055eb6e10865e40320ab966c85d7

and with that you can do:

 make packageinfo

which generates an easily parsable matching of files in $(INSTDIR) to a distro
package. You will find the output in workdir/PackageInfo/*.

The important point is, that this is entirely generated from gbuild, so the
hope is that this will allow creating packages and spliting up a build entirely
without needing to dive into the horrors of scp2.

Note this isnt a perfect match to how distropackages currently look like yet
(and I didnt even try to emulate the pointless -core1, core2 ... madness of the
old OOo packaging), but I think it will be possible to get to match the
sensible split up of distros quickly(*).

The ultimate goal is to have the file-distropackage-relation being defined in
one place and not recreate this info in a fragile and errorprone way over
gbuild, scp2 and the distro packaging(**).

Just to confirm this, I easily found one error with this (updatecheck was
registered in even when it was disabled). ;)

Looking forward to a brave new world were we can pack LibreOffice directly out
of the instdir, cutting away two to three levels of indirection(***).

Oh, and a big "Thank you!" to Marcos Paulo de Souza, who tirelessly moved a lot
of the entangled scp2 stuff cleanly into (fdo#60924).



(*) For me the first obvious target would be l10n -- build separately as described in:;a=commit;h=04dead1c6b9fd8ea24b27d2c5824ae889a2fac66

(**) And then scp2 can die and I hope that will be a day of much rejoycing.

(***) which of course become all the more fun, when you need to vendor-patch the
     lowest layer ...

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