footnotes (Replacing one DLL from official build)

Pavel Laštovička pavel.lastovicka at
Mon Nov 25 05:01:26 PST 2013

Hello Kendy,

Dne 19.11.2013 18:14, Jan Holesovsky napsal(a):
> I'd be most interested to see the document that triggers the wrong
> behavior - is there any in the bugzilla?  Or can you please produce a
> minimal one?
I filed the bug #71984. A test document is attached.

> For the behavior that is different in LibreOffice and MSO, if there is
> no possibility to make both happy, we have the concept of compatibility
> options; if there is no other way, this will make it, I'm sure :-)
> An example of a compatibility option:
> Do you think this would help your case?
Perfect, thanks :-)   Though I would still need to add the new compatibility option 
to user registry and probably to the UI too, for an user to be able to use modified 
formatting for .odt files too.

Regarding the mentioned commit, I wonder for which file formats is 
SwXMLImport::SetConfigurationSettings called? I tried to open a MS Word 2003 XML 
file and the method was not called.

All the best,

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