LibreOffice DRAW - Flowcharting automation with scripting language

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Mon Nov 25 16:08:40 PST 2013

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> Flowcharting automation process in Draw (creating flowcharts automatically,
> without effort) Scripting language
> ...
> THE PROBLEM: When you want to create a flowchart, basically you have to
> spend time drawing boxes, and connecting them. That happen when you are
> planning your flowchart, but many times people don't have time. They need a
> "magic solution" that create the flowchart automatically. This idea allows
> you to create flow chart automatically in seconds.
> ...
> [HEAD BEGIN: geometry: Rectangle, color: blue, rotation: 0, radious: 0,
> angle: 0, connector: normal, geometry-thickness: 2pt, connector-thickness:
> 2pt, shadow orientation:right-down, shadow color: grey, font-type-size:
> Calibri, 2pt, font-alignment: center, center]
> // This lines is the commentaries line, if you read the head [ ], it connect
> the text "Differential geometry" creating boxes of blue color, the boxes are
> rectangles, they have 0 rotatio, 0 radious, 0 angle, the connector of the
> boxes is normal, the thickness of the boxes is 2 points, the the thickness
> of the connector is also 2 points, shawdow orientation of the boxes is right
> down, the shadow color is grey and the font type is Calibri, size is 2
> point, and it is aligned at the center horizontally and also to the center
> vertically //
> Differential geometry >  differential calculus
> Differential geometry >  integral calculus
> Differential geometry >  linear algebra
> Differential geometry >  multilinear algebra

Have you looked at the DOT language?

 digraph graphname {
     a -> b -> c;
     b -> d;

There are a few others:


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