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> On Mon, Nov 25, 2013 at 6:51 PM, - <mrmister001 at> wrote:
>> Flowcharting automation process in Draw (creating flowcharts  
>> automatically,
>> without effort) Scripting language
>> ...
>> THE PROBLEM: When you want to create a flowchart, basically you have to
>> ...
>> [HEAD BEGIN: geometry: Rectangle, color: blue, rotation: 0, radious: 0,
>> angle: 0, connector: normal, geometry-thickness: 2pt,  
>> connector-thickness:
>> 2pt, shadow orientation:right-down, shadow color: grey, font-type-size:
>> Calibri, 2pt, font-alignment: center, center]
>> Differential geometry >  differential calculus
>> Differential geometry >  integral calculus
>> Differential geometry >  linear algebra
>> Differential geometry >  multilinear algebra
>> [:HEAD END]
> Have you looked at the DOT language?
>  digraph graphname {
>      a -> b -> c;
>      b -> d;
>  }
> There are a few others:


DOT is handled by graphviz, which can export to SVG, that could be  
imported into Draw. Job's done ! :)
yEd handles TGF and can also export to SVG.

So basically, what is needed here is find a suitable Graph language  
(please don't create another one), make it create an SVG, then import in  

Or use Dia, which does not seem to read graph langs, but has a nice  
interface to play with flowcharts

Under professional Windows, I use mostly Visio to do flows and copy/paste  
into impress^W powerpoint. You can do the same with Dia & Impress. IMHO,  
creating a new import module for a graph lang to dia is more valuable, but  
being able to draw flows in Draw could be fun as well.

My 5 cents :)


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