LibreOffice 4.1: Mozilla build option to ignore

Michael Stahl mstahl at
Tue Nov 26 02:45:41 PST 2013

On 26/11/13 10:49, Mohamed-Ali BEN MANSOUR wrote:
> Hi everyone,
> I was building LO 4.1 version and i've found this option in
> distro-configs\LibreOfficeWin32.conf:
> --enable-win-mozab-driver
> According to the wiki:
> , Mozilla build tooling is only used for LibreOffice versions older than
> 4.1.

that is true, but...

> I propose to remove this option from the file (LibreOfficeWin32.conf)..

... what it actually means is that in contemporary releases it's no
longer possible to build the mozilla stuff from source (hence no need
for the tools); what --enable-win-mozab-driver does instead is to
download and unpack pre-built binaries and put them into the
installation set.

of course if we had somebody implement native Outlook / Outlook Express
address book driver we could remove that too :)

> We also need to modify the autogen.lastrun for builds at this link:
> Actually, we have in the same file: "--enable-win-mozab-driver" and 
> "--disable-win-mozab-driver"

that is indeed funny to have both of these in there.

> By the way, is it normal that we can't see any build in this directory:
> ?

that's a good question - Thorsten, why isn't Win-x86 at 42 doing uploads?

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