resize handling / layout on timeout?

Ivan Timofeev timofeev.i.s at
Sat Oct 5 07:44:19 PDT 2013


looking at fdo#38814 "Snappier rendering: paint at idle, not on timeout"
it is not clear to me why we handle resize asynchronously.

It was introduced in
  "#83524# buffer resize events to handle opaque resize WMs better"
only for vcl/unx/generic.

Then there was a bug
  "VCL plugin: slow painting of help application if main window is resized"
- turned out the help app is super-slow on Resize -> the solution was to
resize on timer for *all* platforms/vcl plugins:

So - #83524# is dead, I don't know what is "opaque resize WM"... But if
there is a problem with the help application only, wouldn't it better to
fix *its* resize handling?

FWIW, I've disabled the resize timer (i.e. bool bStartTimer = false in
vcl/source/window/winproc.cxx) and don't see any problem so far (except
the help app).

Same for layout - I guess it can be done immediately..? (Well, the
printdialog will need some love then).



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