[libreoffice-l10n] Re: LibreOffice Help

Alex Thurgood alex.thurgood at gmail.com
Wed Oct 9 03:41:54 PDT 2013

On 09/10/2013 09:59, Jan Holesovsky wrote:

Hi Kendy,

> 2) Make wikihelp the source of the help
> This is something we need to do in order to be able to improve our help.
> Virtually nobody writes help these days, because of the format that is
> used there, and the workflow that need committing to git etc.  Only
> fraction of the new features has suitable help, and we need to change
> this.

If this can be achieved, it would be a huge thorn out of my side. Trying
to change things in the current help setup is a helpwriter's nightmare.
I'm not a big fan of wikis, but at least what you are describing sounds
more accessible than the current xml jumping through hoops and rings of
fire test that one has to go through to actually get anything new in.

> But - and that is important - we of course need to do it in a way that
> fits everyone, l10n most of all :-)  So as I assured you many times, no
> translation will be lost.  We only have to agree what fits you best; and
> before you answer that you want nothing else than Pootle, it would be
> good to test what Markus is about to set up; I am sure he'll write you
> more about that when it is ready for testing - and it will be up to you
> to decide if it is acceptable for you, or tell him what features are
> missing.  You will _not_ have to translate entire pages, the system is
> going to be very similar to Pootle, based on
> http://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Extension:Translate .

I, for one, look forward to seeing how things develop.


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