ATTENTION, creators of mysql-connector-ooo.oxt (--enable-ext-mariadb-connector)

Stephan Bergmann sbergman at
Fri Oct 11 15:33:11 CEST 2013

If you use the LO git repo to build the mysql-connector-ooo.oxt 
extension (via --enable-ext-mariadb-connector, formerly 
--enable-ext-mysql-connector) and then use/distribute that extension as 
a non-bundled extension (i.e., not unzip it into a LO installation's 
share/extensions/ directory):  Please be aware that doing so off the LO 
git libreoffice-4-1[-*] and master (towards LO 4.2) branches leads to a 
broken extension that should not be distributed.

What is broken is detailed at 
"Extension shared library components must not use the 'prefix' feature," 
along with a fix of the problem, for which I also requested backports to 
libreoffice-4-1 (<>) and 
libreoffice-4-1-3 (<>).

A further reason I'm so panicky about not distributing any broken 
versions is that there are cooking up changes to the UNO component 
"prefix" feature that would make it desirable that no non-bundled 
extension ever used that "prefix" feature.

In the wild, I find:

"MySQL Native Connector for LibreOffice 4.x" from an UNKNOWN UPLOADER, 
which only offers 
which is apparently too old to be affected.

"MySQL Native Connector" from an UKNOWN UPLOADER which only offers 
which both are apparently too old to be affected.

* <> by Alex 
Thurgood, which /is/ affected.  Alex, can you make available a fixed 
build there, either off master past 
or off libreoffice-4-1 past pending integration of 

Andreas, can you contact the uploaders of the two extensions marked 
"UNKNOWN UPLOADER" above, to make sure they do not inadvertently upload 
broken versions?


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